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El Paso History Museum Paso Del Norte

A Celebration of El Paso's Vivid History - El Paso Museum of Art

Marvel at the 400 years of U.S./Mexico border history at the El Paso Museum of History. Discover over 16,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space featuring five galleries and a touchscreen digital wall - the first in the United States. If you want to explore and understand El Paso's celebrated history, this should be your first step. From interactive kids' sections to special artifacts - the museum has something for all age groups.



  • Monday to Saturday: 9 AM to 5 PM; Sunday: 12 PM to 5 PM


  • Free


  • EPMH 2019 Summer Camps
  • From Fire & Earth - Pottery Workshop
  • Bases Loaded - El Paso and Beyond
  • Old West Fest - National Day of Cowboy Celebration


  • Art Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Kids' Camp
  • Festivals & Events
  • Exhibitions


  • Are there any activities for children? 

    The El Paso Museum of History is a good place to visit with children. A number of exhibits and displays are hands-on and interactive, great for keeping children engaged. There is a train display on the second floor that children can climb onto, blow the whistle and turn some knobs, a fun activity for young kids. 

  • Which floor is the digital wall placed? 

    The 3D Digital Wall is located at the entrance of the El Paso Museum of History. The “Digie” wall is a vast collection of images and videos exploring El Paso’s past and present. It examines its people and many cultures on giant 3D touch-sensitive TV screens.  


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