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Wedding Catering Paso Del Norte
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Full Scale Catering Services at Our El Paso Hotel

At Hotel Paso Del Norte, we offer full-service catering to compliment your wedding celebration. Whether it is a bridal shower, a lavish reception party, or an intimate ceremony, we combine Texas hospitality with award-winning cuisine to bring the best delicacies to your table. Our executive chef will work with you to design a personalized menu based on your preference and season specials. We also offer upscale onsite dining serving the best of International and Mexican cuisine and finest wines and cocktails.
Wedding Catering The Food

The Food

When you host your event at the intersection of two states and nations, the cuisine has to be a reflection of this heritage. Delight your taste buds with a mix of Mexican, North American, and International cuisine inspired by the multi-cultural Texas landscape. With a strong emphasis on the best locally-sourced ingredients, our dedicated banquet staff brings sumptuous and delightful menu to take your wedding celebration to the next level.
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