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El Paso Streetcar Paso Del Norte

Discover the best of El Paso in the El Paso Streetcar

Hop on board the streetcar and experience El Paso like a true local. Discover fun things to do, performances, and ticketed events for all ages as you explore the entertainment line-up at El Paso Streetcar. Visitors can get to the top local festivals, street fairs, and concerts directly while experiencing the best of dining and shopping along the downtown and uptown loops.



  • Sunday to Wednesday: 11 AM - Midnight; Thursday to Saturday: 11AM - 3AM


  • One-way ride costs $1.50; Free rides all summer through Labor Day


  • Story Time on the Streetcar 
  • Trolley Tracks 
  • Last Thursdays 


  • Local Events 
  • Musical Performances 
  • Festivals & Events 


  • How much does it cost to ride the trolley?

    One way-ride on the El Paso streetcar will cost you $1.50 or you can get a daily pass for only $3.50. Children, ages 6 to 18 years old can travel for only $1.
  • What routes does the El Paso streetcar cover? 

    The El Paso streetcars travel almost 5 miles on the 2 routes, the Figure Eight Loop and the Downtown Loop, covering the uptown and downtown areas. Both loops interconnect an international bridge, an array of businesses and restaurants, a baseball park, government buildings, historic neighborhoods, hospitals, and many other prominent locations. 


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